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Three Shadows +3 Gallery, a new independent art space founded by Three Shadows Photography Art Center in Caochangdi, first seeks to act as a channel for promoting Chinese Contemporary photography, past and present, and keeping its doors open to the future of the medium. It aims to provide a professional model for promoting and guiding China’s homegrown artists, and offer opportunities to the public to better understand and recognize the excellent photography produced in China. To this end, +3 Gallery aims to foster the further development of informed collecting of photography in China.

While its main focus is on Chinese photography, Three Shadows +3 Gallery is also committed to showcasing outstanding photography from abroad. Through collaborations with international art spaces and fairs, Three Shadows +3 Gallery is working towards expanding the audience for these photographs at home, while also increasing Chinese photography’s exposure in other regions of the world.

As one of the most experienced Galleries of Shanghai Art Fair, Three Shadows +3 Gallery has participated in five Exhibitions of this art fair since it was firstly held in Shanghai. This year, Three Shadows +3 Gallery will bring the latest works from Chinese artists Shao Wenhuan and Zhang Kechun at 2018 PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai.

© SHAO WENHUAN, Floating Jade Mountain No. 4— Sketch from A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains, 2013-2017. Courtesy of Three Shadows +3 Gallery (Beijing & Xiamen)

© SHAO WENHUAN, Wings of a Phoenix Bird No. 2 Two Pieces, 2016-2018. Courtesy of Three Shadows +3 Gallery (Beijing & Xiamen)

© ZHANG KECHUN, Dai Mount, 2018. Courtesy of Three Shadows +3 Gallery (Beijing & Xiamen)

© ZHANG KECHUN, Grand Hyatt Shanghai, 2018. Courtesy of Three Shadows +3 Gallery (Beijing & Xiamen)

Shao Wenhuan was born in Hotan, Xinjiang in 1971. In 2002 he enrolled in a graduate program for painting at the Chinese Academy of Art. During this time he also traveled to France to study at the National Superior School of Art in Dijon. After completing his degree, Shao remained at the Chinese Academy of Arts as an Associate Professor. He lives and works in Hangzhou. 

© SHAO WENHUAN, Galaxy Box No. 1, 2013-2018. Courtesy of Three Shadows +3 Gallery (Beijing & Xiamen)

It is easy to get absorbed into the worlds of Shao’s images. Photography is very much at the center, but he manages to conjure destabilized realities and alternate existences all the same. In works like Wings of a Phoenix Bird, the multidimensional rips of aluminum showcase Shao’s break from a single, black-and-white, subjective or objective worldview in his photography. It is not necessarily a rethinking of image consciousness (that is, the way the image acts as a mirror) he strives for, but this rethinking of space.

© SHAO WENHUAN, Shadowing. Thirty Square Meters, 2013-2017. Courtesy of Three Shadows +3 Gallery (Beijing & Xiamen)

Zhang Kechun was born in 1980, Sichun, currently works and lives in Chengdu. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions at domestic and international contemporary art institutions. Zhang Kechun won the National Geographic Picks Global Prize in 2008, the Daylight Photo Award[3] and the Arles Photo Festival Discovery Award in 2014. He was nominated by the Three Shadow Photo Award in 2012, Sony World Photography Awards in 2012 and 2013, and by the Prix HSBC Pour la Photographie in 2014. 

Zhang Kechun has created a series of photographic works named The Yellow River and Between Mountains and Waters in recent years, which attracted extensive attention of contemporary art circles at home and abroad. The current series of China can be regarded as a continuation of the previous creative thinking. The concepts of " little people in the big environment" and " photographers are both bystanders and participants" are still embodied in this series of creations. He chose the grand scene, placed himself in the scene, exchanged positions with a certain person in the scene, stood himself in the position before that person, and let that person press the shutter instead of himself, so as to realize interaction in this way. Walking on the vast land of China, Zhang Kechun has always combined his exploration of photographic language with his thoughts on the relationship between man and environment. The series of China shows that his concern for the environment has shifted from nature to society and humanity.

© ZHANG KECHUN, Yellow Mountain, 2018. Courtesy of Three Shadows +3 Gallery (Beijing & Xiamen)

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