2016 | Tadao Ando Platinum Prints Exhibition

MAR 12, 2016 - MAY 13,2016 | Tadao Ando Platinum Prints Exhibition

Tadao Ando Platinum Prints Exhibition


Organizer:Three Shadows +3 Gallery, Xiamen

Co-Organizer: amanasalto


Three Shadows +3 Gallery Xiamen is proudly presenting a collection of the world-leading contemporary architect Tadao Ando’s works. The collection comes in two volumes. ANDO BOX The 1st Round contains a selection of platinum prints of Ando’s architecture drawings. The prints are presented in a special “concrete box” designed by Ando himself.

Besides “ANDO BOX The1st Round” - Drawings, Three Shadows +3 Gallery is presenting another box “ANDO×ANDO.” This box includes a photography portfolio of Tadao Ando’s architecture photographed by himself, as well as a scroll of Ando’s original drawing.