2016 | The Chinese Photobook Collection

APR 09, 2016 - JUN 05, 2016 | The Chinese Photobook Collection:Luo Bonian,Yang Fudong

The Chinese Photobook Collection – Luo Bonian,Yang Fudong


With the coming of Three Shadows Photography Awards Opening,in April 9th 2016,Three Shadows +3 Gallery presented special exhibition of “The Chinese Photobook Collection – Luo Bonian,Yang Fudong”.The exhibited prints are printed by platinum and palladium,silver gelation and other highest level of printing technology. Three Shadows +3 Gallery is also honored release the “Limited Platinum Edition” of “The Chinese Photobook Collection”.

 “The Chinese Photobook Collection” and platinum print project are initiated and organized by Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, co-organized by amanasalto and Artron Books. Through high standard photobook and platinum prints, our goals are to promote Chinese photography in a global range, to raise recognition of Chinese photography, and to provide important documentations for institutions, academics, and collectors for study. 

Three Shadows is presenting Luo Bonian and Yang Fudong as the first two books. Prefaces are written by Harvard University photography historian Ms. Stephanie Tung, artist Luo Bonian’s great grandson Mr. Jin Youming and professor of Shanghai Fudan University, photography critic Mr. Gu Zheng.