2016 | Erotos

JUN 18, 2016 - AUG 06, 2016 | Nobuyoshi Araki Erotos Platinum Prints Exhibition

Nobuyoshi Araki Erotos Platinum Prints Exhibition


OrganizerThree Shadows +3 Gallery Xiamen

Co-Organizer: amanasalto

Nobuyoshi Araki (Tokyo, 1940) is one of the most recognized photographers in Japan who has been focusing his work in themes of Eros, Thanatos (sex, death) as well as impermanence in life.

The title "Erotos" is a term that Nobuyoshi Araki coined to express an image in which "Eros" and "Thanatos" harmoniously blend together. For these ambitiously provocative photographs, Araki used a macro lens and ring strobe flash to shoot his subjects at the closest possible range. The resulting extreme close-ups show only fragments of the photographer's subject, dismantling the image's original meaning, and exposing their true nature as overwhelming manifestations of "Erotos." Re-edited and reinterpreted from a contemporary point of view, the controversial series that originally became known as Araki's seminal work in 1993 takes a new form. This new "Erotos" marks the first occasion for his photography to be printed in platinum palladium print.