TALK | Time and Medium in Shao Wenhuan's Projects

Column:2018 Time:2018-03-25
This talk is happening on the 25 March 2018 at 16:00- 17:30


【 TALK 】

Time and Medium in Shao Wenhuan's Projects - A conversation between Shao Wenhuan and Nataline Colonnello

Time:16:00- 17:30, March 25, 2018 

Talk Guests: Shao Wenhuan (Artist) & Nataline Colonnello (Three Shadows Photography Art Centre Director Beijing)

Venue: Three Shadows +3 Gallery


Shao Wenhuan

Shao Wenhuan is an associate professor at the China Academy of Art. He now lives and works in Hangzhou. He is an experienced teacher and has published academic essays in numerous magazines, as well as a book titled "Photography Expression." In addition to creating his own work, he is an avid consumer of art and has attended numerous exhibitions domestically and abroad.


Nataline Colonnello 

Nataline Colonnello is a specialist in Chinese contemporary art who serves as the current director of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing. She has been living in China since 2001, working as an art critic and leading major galleries like Galerie Urs Meile and Ink Studio. Her critical essays and interviews have appeared in numerous international publications, exhibition catalogues and monographs.