Zhang Kechun:Yellow River
Column:Publish Limited Editions Time:2019-01-11

Yellow River


“Guo Guo”- an an onomatopoeia originating from “The Book of Odes”that describes the sound of the Yellow River and lends itself to Zhang Kechun for the Chinese title of this series. Inspired by Zhang Chengzhi’s text Rivers of the North, Zhang Kechun photographed Yellow River landscapes extensively, resulting in this limited edition photobook that contains 20 selected artworks.

Limited edition contains 20 archival pigment prints and 1 certificate in a special box.

Size: 483×329mm

Limited to 40 copies

24000 RMB(ed.1-10/40)
29000 RMB(ed.11-20/40)

36000 RMB(ed21-30/40)
42000 RMB(ed31-40/40)