2014 | Physical Borderline

AUG 2, 2014 - SEP 28, 2014 | Physical Borderline: Ren Hang Solo Exhibition

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Physical Borderline, Ren Hang Solo Exhibition

DurationAUG 02, 2014 - SEP, 28, 2014

Opening:AUG,02, 2014 (Sat.)    4:00 p.m.

Venue: ThreeShadows +3 Gallery, No.155 A, Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Tel: +86 10 6431 9063

Three Shadows +3 Gallery is delighted to announce the inaugural solo exhibition of Ren Hang Photography “Physical Borderline” opening on Aug 2,2014, presenting around 60 color prints created from 2008 to 2014. This is the first formal solo show for Ren Hang within China.

As a prolific photographic artist, Ren Hang explores liberating the body from its restraints. He focuses on strange forms and expressions, sensitively capturing the exaggerated, absurd, and extreme bodily movements that challenge visual and psychological norms. The bodies in these photographs form strong compositions that are both warm and raw, which have never been disturbed or limited by spatial, ideological, or moral boundaries. The word “taboo” does not exist in Ren Hang’s creative vocabulary. In his lens, the contorted bodies and strange expressions of these young guys and girls represent his unique creative style.

In his six years of photographic creation, Ren Hang has been calm and unwavering, and he shows no unease or anxiety when confronted with nudity. He transmits the complex emotions spilling from the uninhibited and confrontational bodies and actions in the pictures, and as a direct result, we must abandon our original biases and principles about our bodies and those of others. To a certain extent, this frank acceptance urges us to consider where exactly the boundaries of the body lies, even though this boundary is both tangible and intangible. We should courageously break through the boundaries between bodies or movements, pushing past limitations to find a spiritual outlet.

Ren Hang’s distinctive and candid personality is mapped onto his artworks through his camera lens, as if he is declaring independence from this world. Whether or not we decide to accept it, we must admit that it is another window through which view life and understand ourselves.

For this exhibition, all of the prints will be featured in both main hall and VIP space , to highlight the narrative aspect of the Ren Hang’s works, gallery adopts an unconventional display to allocate the prints that creating ambiguous and modern dialogues.


About  Artists

Ren Hang was born in 1987, Changchun. Graduated from Communication University of China in 2010. He now works and lives in Beijing. Ren Hang’s photography exhibited in various gallery and museum shows both domestic and abroad including ThreeShadows +3 Gallery (Beijing), POWER STATION OF ART (Shanghai), Ullens Center For Contemporary Art (Beijing), Oriental museum in Stockholm (Sweden), Three Shadows Photography Art Center (Beijing), Groeninge Museum (Belgium) and so on. Ren Hang also frequently invited to participate at Arles Photography Festival in France.